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Élan - Premium Professional Brow Brush Set (5 brushes, made from solid African Blackwood)


Your Premium Professional brush set from Élan professional line will take you to the next level!

5 high-quality brushes for all your brow needs:

1) Professional Brush Blackwood # 2 (Angled) - an angled brush with synthetic bristles made of the blackwood. Perfect brush to create a structured shape of your signature brow. Precisely fills in unwanted gaps. Created for detailed henna or brow tint application. 

2) Professional Brush Blackwood # 5 (Concealer)- a brush is designed with high quality bristles and the solid blackwood, which allows it to keep ideally the original shape. A perfect brush for powder and cream concealer application. Perfectly blends the product creating a sharp line under the brow!

3) Professional Brush Blackwood # 6 (Spoolie) - a multi-functional spoolie brush with synthetic bristles and the blackwood handle is is used for the eyebrow and eyelash grooming.

The wood doesn’t change the colour or crumble during the disinfection. The spoolie end is resistant to multiple disinfections.

4) Professional Brush Blackwood # 9 (No angle, mapping/defining lines) - a professional flat brush with straight dense bristles for creating fine precise lines during the eyebrow tinting procedure as well as for defining the eyebrow shape with a concealer. Perfect brush to use with mapping too!

5) Professional Brush Blackwood #20 (Ultra fine for the most detailed application) - this brush is ideal for creating fine , extra precise lines during the eyebrow tinting procedure. Thanks to perfect shape, you can draw even the smallest details.

Made in Ukraine from the most solid African Blackwood.