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NIKK MOLE - Multifunctional Brow Oil / Pre-waxing oil


Introducing NIKK MOLE Brow and Skin Oil - a beautiful nourishing formula!


Grape seed oil - restores the hair's natural shine and vibrancy

Argan oil and wheat protein - helps to boost the growth of the hairs and increasing thickness and volume. Prevents hair damage and loss

Flax oil - natural conditioner for the skin and hairs to help moisturize, nourish and relieves inflammation 

Pumpkin seed oil - helps to regenerate the skin and provides healing moisture

Blue cypress wood oil - amazing anti-inflammatory component, perfect to reduce irritation after waxing

Can be used:

As pre-waxing oil 

Luxurious blend of essential oils will soften and prepare the skin before applying hard synthetic wax. Using oil will prevent wax sticking to the skin ensuring it only grips the hairs minimising skin drag. Make waxing experience comfortable and efficient!

As a color fixing solution after Henna Treatment 

It is a perfect suction to use to remove the henna from the eyebrow hairs and the skin once you finish the treatment. After the procession time, apply a little bit of oil on a cotton pad and remove semidried/dried henna from the eyebrows.

It will insure the color stays on the skin longer and will close the process of the color development and guarantee the shade won't become any darker.

As an aftercare solution 

It weightless formula contains natural ingredients and essential oils to help stimulate the roots, encourage full and thicker looking hairs.

100 ml

Made in Russia