NIKK MOLE - Gentle eyebrow shampoo-mousse with Bergamot (100ml)


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NIKK MOLE Gentle mousse shampoo for eyebrows, eyelashes and face with Bergamot

Light-weight gentle shampoo is designed to cleanse the brow area before the treatment.
Specially selected active ingredients help to restore the balance of the skin barrier:

- 100% Rosemary essential oil (tones the skin, evens out its colour);

- Bergamot (cleanses and tightens pores);

- Ylang-ylang (soothes and activates the processes of cell regeneration);

- Natural betaine has a calming effect;

- Provitamin B protects and promotes the regeneration of skin cells.

NIKK MOLE gentle shampoo for eyebrows helps degreasing skin and hairs and has a light feeling effect. The shampoo gently removes dead skin particles, contributing to better fixation of henna on the skin. Contains natural aloe juice which not only moisturizes the skin but also stimulates the growth of hairs and eyelashes.

Does not contain artificial ingredients and does not dry out the skin of the eyelids. 

Size: 100 ml

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