AMICA LASHES - Vivien Laminating Brush Set


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Vivien Laminating and Coloring Brush Set by Amica Lashes. 

The Amica Lashes Vivien brush set is designed to apply and remove makeup and pigment when laminating eyelashes and eyebrows.

The shape of the brushes allows you to apply the composition and pigment, observing clear geometric lines.

The sharp tip of the brush allows you to apply the composition and pigment to the most inaccessible places and create clear geometric lines.

Synthetic hair (hypoallergenic, soft and resilient) allows you to fully release the compositions without being absorbed.

The tip of the brush has a beveled cut, which allows you to stir the compositions and mix the pigment without contact with metal surfaces.

The brush takes its final shape after the first application: the transverse line is 1 mm.

Method of application: application and removal of compositions and pigment for lamination (curling) of eyelashes and eyebrows.

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