AMICA LASHES - Audrey Collection N1 Brush - Brush for applying Pigment


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The collection of Audrey Сollection brushes was inspired by the beauty, elegance and grace of Audrey Hepburn, actress of the Golden Age of Hollywood. 

Amica Lashes N1 Pigment Application Brush is 
for applying and removing pigment during the lamination procedure for eyelashes and eyebrows. 

The shape of the brush allows for delicate manipulations without irritating the client's skin while the synthetic bristles (hypoallergenic, soft and flexible) allow for minimal absorption of the solutions.

Product Features:
- Synthetic bristle, handle made out of Siberian birch and coated with two-component polyurethane chemically resistant paint, followed by coating with elastic rubber-like matt varnish, copper clip.

Handmade in Russia.

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